Educational Program

To undertake educational activities with approval of the concerned authority and develop social education, old aged education, practical education, and literacy. To pay stipend and scholarship to the poor and talent students. To publish educational, cultural and social development. To pay honorarium to persons and institutions to keep contribution in the case of education.

Health Program

To ensure supply of medicine with diagnosis disease prevention, good treatment with approval of health ministry. To treat delivery moth, vaccination program of newborn and increase awareness of usefulness of mother milk and good health. To increase public awareness regarding mother and child health.

Anti-Tobacco Awareness

Empowering Lives Through Anti-Tobacco Awareness. Discover the various ways we provide support, resources, and education to help individuals break free from tobacco’s grip. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, smoke-free world. Learn more about our initiatives and how you can be a part of the anti-tobacco movement. Together, we can help people lead tobacco-free lives and promote better well-being for all.”

Family Planning Program

To make provision for providing service through different clinics to create awareness of education and health of birth control and family planning under family planning program and to distribute birth control materials and to keep child birth and death record and take prior permission of the concerned department under ministry of health.

Welfare and rehabilitation program of disable and destitute

To undertake different programs to develop disable, orphan, women and children with approval of the concerned ministry and to take measures for rehabilitation of the poor rootless children deprived in country. To development society and environment. Arrangement of better treatment of old aged persons, physical disable or accommodation of disables. To rehabilitate physical and mental disable and tortured people.

Woman Welfare Program

To serve the legal aid to the tortured women with arrangement of different symposium conferences to create awareness and right of women. To do necessary effective operation to enforce economic role and increase status in society making free the women from dependent curse in society with approval of the concerned authority. To give them different skilful training to be self reliant and cooperate women in social development.

Agro-fisheries and Livestock development program

To motivate general people in the case of the agriculture with approval of the concerned authority and arrange to give them necessary agricultural seeds, fertilizer, pesticides etc. at cheap price to build them update farmer. To co-operate for storage of the produced crops and marketing by establishing small or big cold storage and to make display farm. To establish Mushroom cultivation, bee cultivation, silkworm cultivation, Poultry farm, hen, duck, fish, goat and cow farm and arrange to give training to unemployed youths and concerned farmer in this regard.

Environmental conservation Program

Creation of awareness and conservation of environment congenial to the development through extension of education. To undertake plantation, forestation, nursery project and environment-pollution free program (with approval of concerned authority)

Poverty alleviation Program

To undertake socio-economic development program for destitute landless, homeless and low income people under program relating to the poverty alleviation with approval of microcredit regulatory authority of Bangladesh bank. To arrange employment of the educated unemployed, jobless, neglected youths, widows through necessary institutional and vocational education.

Social activities

To motivate the people to avoid unsocial activities, smoking and other narcotics through awareness of people. To make awareness of people against child marriage, polygamies, dowry and woman torture. To undertake service and rehabilitation program of the people suffering due to flood, storm, pandemic etc. To bury unknown dead body.

Establishment of technical training centre for development of human resources

Industrial program on different matters in order to create employment of educated jobless youth and for socio-economic development in country taking overall activities to develop human resources with approval of the concerned authority.

AIDS and other disease prevention

To inspire people to take the projected and practical steps to prevent cancer, HIV Aids, bird blue, Hepatitis-B virus, Sarc etc. serious disease with approval of Ministry of Health and arrange treatment of patient infected in this disease.

Arsenic prevention activities

To supply pure drinking water free of arsenic and other harmful chemicals with permission of health ministry. To mark arsenic affected area and tubewell which are harmful for human body.

Child labour prevention

We are dedicated to child labor prevention, not just as a goal, but as a moral imperative. Our mission is clear: to create a world where every child can enjoy their childhood, receive a proper education, and grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.

Empowerment of Street Children

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. We are driven by the belief that through empowerment, guidance, and unwavering support, street children can overcome adversity and become confident, self-reliant individuals. Join us in our mission to empower these young lives and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of street children and their communities.

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